Mercury Awards Time and new Metalheadz Website

24 07 2008

It’s that time of year again… the shortlist is as follows.. (shamelessly borrowed from a certain Wiki resource)…

I can’t actually say that I have heard too many of these albums, although I am familiar with the artists (Living in London it seems inevitable).

Personally i’m backin Burial and Radiohead.. although i’m not really sure which one I would rather won it.. I would say that Radiohead deserve it just as much as Burial does, perhaps Radiohead in recognition of their ‘long service’ and contribution to the UK and world music scene.

On a related note, the Metalheadz label has been preparing a remix album entitled ‘Recall to Mind’ remixing tracks from the ever popular Commix album which was released earlier this year..  on that you will be sure to encounter this Burial remix of ‘Be true’ (for a limited time only!), as well as many other gems from the likes of Instra:mental, Carl Craig and Matthew Justin.. it promises to be an epic outing reversing the trend of drum & bass remixes to become drum & bass remixed!

read all about it on the brand spanking new (flash) Metalheadz Website – 7 years in the making they say!




One response

10 09 2008

Elbow ended up getting it this year. Fourth time Radiohead have been nominated, but not received. What a pity, they really could have used the 50,000 quid.

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