Old School Mo Wax!

8 08 2008

Mo Wax is one of those labels which I can pretty confidently say that I got on to pretty late in the piece – given that their peak was in the late 1990s. Still, that doesn’t mean any less for its releases.. which include classics from the likes of UNKLE, Dj Shadow, Blackalicious, Dr. Octagon, Air (on a brief outing) and of course Dj Krush…

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) there is not really much of a Mo Wax presence in the realm of the digital download scene*, so i have recently turned my efforts to London record shops (vinyl junkies take note) to hunt out some old jems with much success! Last weekend I was able to pick up the CD single of Meiso (feat. Black thought and Malik B from the Roots) which features a sublime vocal rework from Dj Shadow and a luscious mix from the multi-genre overachievers 4hero.

*actually, i lied. There are a few downloads to be found on Amazon and on Beatport, but they seem to be all of the err.. shall we say less popular releases.

I also managed to score (for a pound!) the drum and bass remixes of Dj Shadow’s “What does your Soul look like? (Part 1)” , it comes with one Peshay remix and one Dj Die remix. wicked draw, i need my turntables back to listen to them.. hear that andrew??




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